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Hawthorne’s Biercafé | Breakfast Portrait {13} | Philadelphia, PA

Posted in Breakfast Portraits, Diner Review by thebreakfastdictator on August 20, 2010

Brian | Hawthorne's

March Madness 2007 began with a trip to the Sharp Edge in the Friendship, or is it East Liberty? or is it North Oakland? or is it the Garfield Neighborhood? (they all seem to run together over there) in Pittsburgh. The blue collar son of a blue collar son, I knew nothing of Belgian beers and now, despite having lived in Philadelphia for four years prior (and never drinking much more than a White Russian on occasion), I was getting my bier education. The server recommended a Poperings Hommel. I liked it so much that I wrote it on my hand. And the next day, when it started to wear off my hand at work, I wrote it on the wall. Then I wrote it on my brain. I would not forget this beer.

Poperings Hommel Bier

I found it at the Foodery in Northern Libs in the Spring of 09. Then Hawthorne’s brought it to me in the fall of last year. Despite it’s five and a half dollar price tag (for 11.2 ounces), who can resist? Especially with breakfast. Breakfast at 1pm.

Hawthorne’s so easily removes the “guilt” of day-drinking and/or having beer with breakfast (When I mentioned to a friend that during the World Cup that we’d drink Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat (the beer that tastes like Fruit Loops!) at 9am, she looked at me like I’d grown a third, fourth or maybe even a fifth eye). Despite the stigma, beer with breakfast is beautiful.

South of the Border

Breakfast joints like to name their items quirky little names — the Huevos Rancheros here goes by the fun little moniker “South of the Border”. That phrase conjures up one and only one image in my mind — the trashy rest stop along Interstate 95 in South Carolina and its bumper stickers and other odd paraphernalia that have made it (unfortunately) North. I persisted past the name and ordered regardless.

Huevos Rancheros(es) {how do you pluralize that?!} buckle my knees.

To-day’s breakfast wasn’t the first here. We wintered here a few times during the grandiose snowstorms the northeast endured in January and February. Spring sprang and we took advantage of the outdoor seating or the giant open windows that let the coolish spring air blow the scent of new life throughout. Summer heated up and we headed for cover in the air-conditioned coolness to sip on summer wheats. Some of the city snobs say it feels too suburban here. I just think it feels like a living room with a giant beer selection on hand.

We don’t want their snobbery here anyways; more room for us and our beer with breakfast.

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